Hi, thanks for visiting Cyndi Morris.com; my internet connection to you. I have chosen to play with physical movement to create internal movement, and have designed this site so that I can connect with others who also want to play with possibilities. We beautiful physical beings have such amazing minds and bodies, bodies that remember to breath air into our lungs, pump blood into our organs, sweat when we over heat, many life supporting functions that happen without our personal direction, even as we sleep. Minds that can convince ourselves of anything, minds that spin stories so tight we become the story. We  hold emotional sensation in our mind body from past hurts or trauma, real or perceived the body reacts the same. This deep cellular memory in our physical and mind body can cause us to create fearful thinking long after the trauma is over, or negative mind conversations. We are so amazing we can also create joyful thinking and we can create positive calming mind conversations that empower and encourage us.

Let’s explore those sensations together, those feelings you get deep in your belly or perhaps in your shoulders, neck, or heart, when you do something that takes you out of your comfort zone. Why do you feel that uncomfortable or perhaps all too comfortable sensation? Where do you feel it in your body? and what does it feel like? What thoughts are you vibrating with? What is your mind communicating to your body? and in what tone of voice? Our body is so amazing that it will do its best to participate with anything your mind invites it to do, anything you invite it to be or feel.

Through movement, meditation, music, toning and blissfully being, we encourage you to embody each sensation, to recognize how and where you hold emotional energy and how to release negative emotional energy, limiting energy. We will play with imagery, dance, yoga, ritual, sound, and breath, discovering your bodies cellular patterns of emotion.  Together we will build a practice that gets you out of your mind and


your body.

Your spirit dances to the beat of your hearts vibration